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Why Choose ANI?

No one else has our level of experience, passion and expertise

In 1985 Adventure Network International became the first company in the world to offer flights to the interior of Antarctica. More than 25 years later ANI remains the premier travel provider for those venturing beyond Antarctica’s coast, with an impeccable safety record, a strong environmental ethic, an impressive list of ‘firsts’, and a full range of guided Experiences for all types of adventurers.

A journey with ANI includes round trip travel from Punta Arenas, Chile, to Antarctica onboard private jet, all travel within Antarctica, accommodations at our Union Glacier base camp (and field camps), all meals prepared by our professional chefs, as well as the full support of our experienced polar field guides.

Experience and Infrastructure Matter

For over 25 years Antarctica has been our business, our passion and our expertise.

  • We have safely completed hundreds of return flights to our camp in the interior of Antarctica
  • We have supported virtually every private expedition that has skied, flown or driven across Antarctica
  • We provide the logistics for all Mount Vinson expeditions
  • We share our travelers' dreams and help celebrate their achievements

Solid logistics help you achieve your goals and “little extras” make your journey memorable. You will find us ready with 24 hour emergency response systems and heavy equipment to maintain snow and ice runways, as well as a hot water bottle to warm your sleeping bag and a champagne toast to celebrate your success. From top notch chefs and experienced polar guides to satellite communication and weather information systems, our attention to detail ensures you get the most from your Antarctic Experience. No one else has the capability to offer you this level of service and support.

Who We Are

ANI is wholly owned by Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions LLC, a US company. We maintain a year-round office in the USA. Our Union Glacier camp in the interior of Antarctica operates seasonally from November through January. Support in Punta Arenas, Chile, is provided by Red de Aventura a la Antártica Ltda (RAAL).

In this section

Flight Schedule

ANI provides intercontinental flights from Punta Arenas, Chile to Union Glacier, Antarctica.

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Our Team

Our team is one of our greatest assets. We care about our guests. We are passionate about Antarctica. We are experts in our fields.

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Our Locations

Our Antarctic operations are based at Union Glacier, Antarctica. All trips depart from Punta Arenas, Chile where we have a seasonal support office.

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Our History

In 1985, there was no practical way for a private traveler to reach Antarctica except by ship.

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Visitor Guidelines

Our guests play a crucial role in helping us care for the Antarctic environment. Visitor Guidelines explain your responsibilities and provide practical steps to help you minimize your impact.

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Non-native species are one of several major threats to biodiversity - globally and in the Antarctic. ANI takes biosecurity seriously, making every effort to prevent the introduction on non-native species.

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Environmental Sustainability

ANI’s mission is to set the highest possible environmental standards and to use best practices.

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Aircraft, Vehicles and Equipment

Our logistic capability sets us apart. Find out more about our aircraft, vehicles, tractors and snow clearing equipment, tents and structures, and other resources.

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Safety and Medical Support

We care about your safety - every step of the way.

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Non-Commercial and Government Support

Contributing to the Antarctic community and supporting Antarctic science are core values for us.

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