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Travelex Insurance

Travel Insurance (US residents)

Due to the high cost of evacuation from Antarctica, all guests are required to provide cover for medical evacuation

Travelex insurance is available for ANI's US travelers.

Travelex offers Medical Evacuation Plans, as well as Travel Protection Plans that include medical evacuation, emergency medical expenses, trip cancellation and interruption and other benefits.

Medical Evacuation, Trip Cancellation & Interruption (Trips up to $50,000)

We know how disappointing it is for guests who are forced to cancel their adventure. We strongly recommend that you include Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage in your Travel Protection Plan, to protect you in case you need to cancel. ANI Experiences are non-refundable within 90 days of departure.

Travelex Travel Select
  • Single trip plan
  • Included: Medical Evacuation, Emergency Medical Expenses, Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Baggage, and Other Benefits
  • Excluded: Mountaineering and other adventure activities are NOT covered (unless Adventure Plus Pack is added)
  • Optional Upgrades: Adventure Plus Lifestyle Pak and other upgrades available
  • Maximum trip cost: $25,000 USD
Optional Upgrade: Adventure Plus Pak
  • Guests who will participate in roped travel and climbing or other adventure activities must add the Adventure Plus Pak to their Travel Select Plan
  • Provides medical evacuation and emergency medical expense benefits for losses caused by mountaineering and many other adventure sports activities

Guests on the following Experiences should add the optional Adventure Plus Pack:

  • Mount Vinson, Mount Sidley, Climb Antarctica, Ski Antarctica
  • Custom Experiences and expeditions that include roped travel and climbing
  • Guests on other Experiences (e.g. Antarctic Odyssey, South Pole Flights) who would like to try roped climbing and other adventure activities during their time at Union Glacier
Travelex Travel Max

Travel Max offers higher coverage and additional benefits.

  • Single trip plan
  • Included: Medical Evacuation, Emergency Medical Expenses, Trip Cancellation and Interruption, Baggage, and Other Benefits
  • Excluded: mountaineering and other adventure activities
  • Maximum trip cost: $50,000 USD

Medical Evacuation, Without Trip Cancellation (Post-Departure Coverage Plan)

Travel Select and Travel Max plans may be purchased with or without trip cancellation benefits. To purchase Travel Select or Travel Max Post Departure Coverage only, WITHOUT trip cancellation benefits, select $0 trip cost level.

Please note that if you choose this option there are no coverage benefits in place, for any reason, for cancellations prior to your trip departure.

  • Single Trip Plan
  • Included: Medical evacuation and emergency medical expense benefits, all other base plan benefits, plus $1,000 trip interruption coverage
  • Excluded: Trip Cancellation benefits, all other base plan exclusions

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Or call Travelex and speak to an agent: Toll-free 1.800.228.9792 (US) or +1 402.933.5402 (International). Please provide ANI's location number 44-0076, for better customer service.


For more info please visit Travelex at www.travelexinsurance.com or call toll-free 1.800.228.9792 (US) or +1 402.933.5402 (International).

We’ve created this page to assist you in understanding the basics of travel medical insurance and our suggestions for you. As our expertise lies in Antarctic operations and adventures — not in the nuances of insurance policies — we strongly recommend that you address specific questions to your insurance agent and take time to thoroughly understand any policy you purchase.