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B&C Alexander/Arctic Photo
Doug Allan
John Beatty/Wild Vision
Wilson Cheung
Correne Coetzer
Ben Cooper
Pen Hadow and Simon Murray
Russ Hepburn
Tim Hewette
Colonel Adolfo Irusta
Steve Jones
Mike King
Nick Lewis
Ralf Laier
Eric Larsen
Michael Martin
Hannah McKeand
Gavin Melgaard
Christopher Michel (photos provided under Creative Commons Attribution license. The dimensions of some photos may have been altered, for use as header images)
Chris Nance
National Library of Norway
Norsk Polarinstitutt
Fran Orio
Todd and Winslow Passey
Igor and Lana Rechitsky
Adam Rheborg
Cristofer de la Rivera
David Rootes
Mike Sharp
Rachel Shephard
Olivia Seifried
Special Travel Club
Dylan Taylor
Adam Ungar
Scott Woolums
Belen Zanino


Background image: Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica (USGS, BAS, NASA-2007). Campsite, route and other notations: ANI (2011).

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