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Salt Lake City Office

The Hub of ANI

Our Salt Lake City office is the hub of our operation, covering marketing and sales, finance and budgeting, purchase and construction. Salt Lake City is a medium-sized industrial city and a winter recreation paradise. This is great combination since our operation involves everything from office services, outdoor equipment and snowmobile parts, to Antarctic quality materials for construction and fabrication.

Our office attire may be casual but our commitment to service and attention to detail are serious. Our Salt Lake City team work year-round behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly during the Antarctic season. They are knowledgeable, committed and caring, and they are all given the opportunity to visit Antarctica so they can speak with real authority.

The Salt Lake City Team

Melanie Morrill is our Salt Lake City Operations Manager, overseeing all sales, human resources, and bookkeeping. She works closely with our seasonal teams in Punta Arenas and Union Glacier to ensure all guests have a seamless Experience. 

Larry Matson is our Purchasing Manager and coordinates all shipping logistics and equipment and inventory purchases. Each year he researches, purchases, and ships more than 22,000 lb (10,000 kg) of freight to Chile.

Leslie Wicks is our Marketing & Sales Specialist and the newest addition to the team. She manages our website, social media, and printed sales materials.

Stephanie Taylor is our Guest Liaison and works closely with all future guests to answer questions and prepare them for their Antarctic Experience

Walt Jahries is our Workshop Contractor, aka "Chief Chippy", constructing all of our specialized structures and equipment for use on the ice.

Erik Matson is our Workshop Assistant during the off-season, helping with technical drafts and design specs for the interior of our containter projects. Erik also works on the ice during the season as a member of the Mechanical Services team.

Kayleigh Jolley is our Graphic Designer and assists the Salt Lake Team to create a cohesive look and feel across all of our materials.

Photos from Flickr:
Welcome to our new office
Office Streetfront
A bit of Antarctica in Salt Lake City
Mel and Steph
Office Manager Melanie Morrill
Client Service Manager Stephanie Taylor
Chris and Steph check out Antarctic map
Chris at his desk
Stephanie Taylor and Chris Nance
Mel and Steph reviewing files
Larry Matson, Special Projects
Larry Matson - Special Projects
Walt in the workshop
Workshop panorama
Workshop from mezzanine
Salt Lake City team
Salt Lake City Team
Salt Lake City Team
Stephanie Taylor
Erik Matson
Walt Jahries
Leslie Wicks
Melanie Morrill
Larry Matson