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Passenger and Light Transport

Snowmobiles and 4x4 Passenger Vans

Passenger vans, snowmobiles and pulks provide a range of options for passenger and light equipment transport.

Passenger Vans

ANI owns specially-adapted passenger vans to shuttle guests to and from the ice runway and for scenic excursions at Union Glacier. Our Ford  vans have been specially adapted for use on snow and in Antarctica. They operate on low pressure tires. Each van holds 11 passengers.


Our fleet of 20 snowmobiles is used to support camp operations, long distance snowmobile-based traverses and scientific field parties. Our fleet includes BRP Skidoos with 300, 500, 550 and 800cc 4-stroke engines. A range of polyethylene pulks and slides can be attached to the snowmobiles to transport cargo.

Photos from Flickr:
Loading the Twin Otter
Driving on Union Glacier
Linked snowmobile travel on Union Glacier
Snowmobiles by Ice Pools
ANI snowmobiles at the ice runway
ANI track van on Union Glacier
ANI wheel and track vans
Glacial Erratic
ANI van on Union Glacier
ANI van at Union Glacier camp
Snowmobile Excursion