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Professional Guides, Expert Support Staff, Management and Owners - everyone who makes ANI

Our team is one of our greatest assets. We care about our guests. We are passionate about Antarctica. We are experts in our fields.

Our experienced field guides have the skills and confidence to lead trips in the most challenging conditions in world. We include polar record holders, Everest guides and true adventurers of all kinds. We are "people people".  We care passionately for your safety and about making your Antarctic experience the journey of a lifetime.

More than 30 people make up our Union Glacier team in Antarctica, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere at our base camp. We are an international community from all corners of the globe, just like our guests. We are logistics and guest services personnel, chefs and communications experts, medics and mechanics who are at home living in remote locations and who love working in Antarctica. We manage the complex logistics of Antarctic travel and provide a comfortable, supportive environment, so you can focus on your goal - be it a mountain, a marathon or a memorable moment.

Our team in Punta Arenas welcomes you to Chile - your departure point for Antarctica. We speak English and Spanish (and some other languages too). We know where to buy those last minute items, we can help you track down lost luggage, and we can recommend restaurants and places to visit that are not in the tourist guides. We have more than 20 years of experience working in Punta Arenas - some of our team were born and raised here. Our local knowledge and attention to detail will give you a smooth transition to and from the ice.

Our well-informed client service team help you plan and prepare for your journey. We have first-hand knowledge of Antarctica and some of us guide ANI Experiences. We can answer all your questions and will help you choose an Experience that offers the right balance of comfort and challenge and includes the destinations and activities that interest you most.

ANI's managers are creative thinkers with a strong organizational bent.  We have the ability to problem-solve and adapt to changing situations and we thrive on the challenges that Antarctica presents. Along with our love and knowledge of the icy continent, each of us brings our own area of expertise to our role.

ANI's owners are experts in adventure travel and are integrally involved in the company's operations. Our hands-on approach keeps us close to our core values of safe operations, environmental stewardship and leadership in adventure tourism.

Other ANI folk ...
Running an Antarctic operation is a monumental task. Our purchasing, special projects, marketing and other support staff work all year-round to prepare for each Antarctic season.

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Punta Arenas team
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Scott Woolums at the South Pole
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Camilla and Fran
Spotting climbers on Vinson summit
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Ronny Finsas
Namgya Sherpa and Tim Hewette
Union Glacier View
Clare Apps shows off her medal
The Vinson Crew
Men in Black - the workshop team
Guide Chris Nance pours the champagne
Mike Prior Jones flight following
FOM Steve Jones and Guide Hannah McKeand at the South Pole
Guide Tim Hewette
Chef Ronny Finsas - Food shopping
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Keizo Funatsu at South Pole Station
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GLBelen at SP
Staff at Vinson Base Camp
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