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In the Spotlight - Scott Woolums

We're not bragging when we say that ANI guides are some of the most experienced and talented guides around. Meet Scott Woolums, who has 30+ years of guiding experience under his belt, including seven Everest summits, 40+ Denali expeditions, and innumerable expeditions to other 'fun corners of the world.'

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Discover Antarctic Explorers

Did you know? Each of our Guest tents is named after a polar explorer. Some are well-known, others less so. Over the next few months we'll feature some of them here, including their contributions to Antarctic science and exploration.

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2013 Vinson Wrap-up 100% Success

Another season with 100% success for ANI climbers on Antarctica’s highest peak. Our Vinson Wrap-up includes all the ANI season highlights.

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2013 Expedition Wrap-up

As the Antarctic season draws to a close, we congratulate all twelve of the 2013 South Pole expeditions supported by ANI and celebrate their achievements.

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A Monumental Journey Completed

After 105 days, Ben Saunders and Tarka L'Herpiniere have taken the final steps of their expedition, completing the first-ever, return journey on Shackleton and Scott's route from Ross Island to the South Pole.

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The Year of the Cycle

2013 may become known as Antarctica's Year of the Cycle. Three expeditions cycled to the South Pole, each in their own way achieving what had never before been accomplished and proving the ability of cycles in polar terrain.

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The Far Side - Exploring the Larson Valley

ANI owner, Nick Lewis, spent hours poring over maps and aerial photographs, searching for a route across the head of the Larson Valley, to access ‘the far side’ of Mount Sporli. An exploratory expedition to the area revealed more climbing and ski terrain than he could have imagined.

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Expedition Update: Successes, Surprises & Routines

Antarctic expeditions seldom play out as expected and this season is no exception. Catch up on the experiences, achievements, and lessons learned from our 2013 expedition teams.

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Richard Parks - South Pole Arrival

After 28 days of skiing alone in Antarctica, covering 1058km/657 miles and skiing a total of 338 hours, Richard Parks is skiing the final kilometers towards the South Pole.

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Topping Out on Mount Vinson...again

ANI has completed another 100% successful expedition on Mount Vinson. All nine guests on our V2 Experience summited, together with three ANI guides on 13th December.

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