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General Interest

Excellence in Remote Medicine Award

Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions, ANI's logistic provider, has been nominated for the prestigious new EWM Excellence in Remote Medicine Award for our quality logistical and expedition support in Antarctica.

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2011-12 Expedition Wrap-up

Our 2011-12 season expeditions faced brutally cold early season temperatures and tough sledging conditions on historic and new routes to the South Pole.

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ANI closes a successful Anniversary season

The final ANI Ilyushin flight of the 2011-12 Anniversary season departed from Union Glacier ice runway On January 31.

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FT's Man at South Pole

Cricket and cherries at the South Pole are celebrated by Matthew Engel in the Financial Times' review of his trip for Scott's centenary anniversary

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Quarrying the Antarctic for Climate

In 1773, Captain Cook described the great southern continent Terra Australis Incognita as ‘A country doomed by nature never once to feel the warmth of the sun’s rays but to lie forever buried under everlasting snow and ice.’  But is it?

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Approaching the Scott Centenary

It has been 100 years since Robert Falcon Scott and his team arrived at the South Pole.

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Criosfera I - A Landmark Achievement

Criosfera 1, the first Brazilian standalone module for atmospheric data collection, has arrived at its destination on the West Antarctic ice sheet.

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2011 South Pole Expedition Updates

Our thoughts may be turning to holidays and the New Year, but for expeditions in Antarctica, it's another day of snow, wind and marching toward the Pole. Some teams have completed their treks, while others continue skiing south.

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The Mountain is now Open

Vinson Base Camp is officially "Open" and the first guests have arrived. ANI staff flew into the base camp recently to prepare for the arrival of the first climbers of the season.

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And they're off...

2011 South Pole expeditions are on their way, despite Antarctica's tricks – including snowstorms and winds that delayed our first Ilyushin flights.

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