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Fun Facts. Seriously Informative

Did you know...Captain Robert Falcon Scott was the first person to take flight in Antarctica, that leaf fossils collected by Scott’s expedition were central to the theory of Gondwana, and that Antarctica has not just one but four Poles?

Our new ANI website shares fun and interesting facts about the icy continent. But ANI is about more than just Polar Trivia and our website is also seriously informative, with easy-to-find information about everything from classic and brand-new ANI Experiences; details about our new Union Glacier camp; information about the Antarctic environment and Antarctic Treaty; and links to resources. New filters help you find just the right Experience and extensive photo galleries bring Antarctica alive.

You'll notice we've re-named our 'Programs' as 'Experiences', since we think this better captures the exciting and interactive nature of our trips. You'll find a searchable matrix of our Experiences on both our Home and Antarctic Experience pages, where you can filter by date, activity type, activity level and feature to find an Experience that suits your interests and travel schedule. Or contact us to design a completely Bespoke Experience.

Individual Experience pages put everything at your fingertips, from trip itinerary, to dates and rates, frequently asked questions, maps and forms. Browse the photo gallery to see where you’ll go and what you’ll do, fabulous scenery and guests in action. We make it easy to book your trip or request more information and even suggest 'Similar Experiences' that may interest you.

ANI works hard to be an environmental leader and our commitment to sustainability is highlighted in our Environmental Ethic statement. There is also a full page about how we care for the environment, the practical steps we take to preserve and protect it, and how you can help. Equally, ANI is committed to making sure you have an enjoyable Experience and there is plenty of information on how safety is a key part of all we do.

Our new website captures the spirit of Antarctica and reflects the passion of our company. Twenty-five years ago we were the first company to offer airborne travel to Antarctica and we remain the only company operating a private camp and logistic service deep in the Antarctic interior.

So have a look through www.adventure-network.com to find more on travel Experiences in the interior of this great continent as well as some Polar Trivia on Captain Scott’s Antarctic flight, Gondwana and The Four Poles (Geographic, Magnetic, Geomagnetic and Inaccessibility)!

A huge thank-you to our web-designers at Venture Web for their guidance and expertise.

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