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Excellence in Remote Medicine Award

Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions, ANI's logistic provider, has been nominated for the prestigious new EWM Excellence in Remote Medicine Award for our quality logistical and expedition support in Antarctica. Nominees include the most inspiring personalities and companies associated with the Remote Medicine industry and we are honored to be included. The award will be presented on April 17, 2012 at the inaugural International World Extreme Medicine Conference.

The Excellence in Remote Medicine Award includes two categories: Outstanding healthcare professionals are recognized for their contribution to extreme medicine; and companies are awarded for exceptional contribution to extreme medicine and setting new standards. ALE has been nominated for the EWM Company of the Year 2012 award.

The International World Extreme Medicine Conference will be held at the Royal Society of Medicine, London, from April 15-18, 2012. ANI's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Martin Rhodes, medic Ben Cooper, and Field Operations Manager Steve Jones will join world renowned Physicians and other logistics experts presenting at the conference. The conference is organized and presented by Expedition & Wilderness Medicine (EWM) a leading provider of expedition and wilderness medicine courses for medical professionals. Many of ANI’s Physicians and medics have either trained with EWM or, indeed, run some of their extreme environment medicine courses.

Photos from Flickr:
Union Glacier Camp Infrastructure
Investment in equipment and infrastructure
Pre-placed fuel caches and back-up aircraft
ANI Weather stations improve safety of our flight operations
Satellite phone, HF and VHF radio, and email communications
Established communications protocols
Mandatory daily check-in for field parties
24-hr emergency response
ANI Doctor at Union Glacier Camp
Consultation with ANI doctor at Union Glacier
ANI doctor or medic accompanies South Pole flights
Sign out log for all out-of-camp excursions
Tag board tracks personnel locations
Preparing Vinson emergency caches
Vinson Low Camp emergency cache
Vinson High Camp emergency cache
ANI guides are trained in wilderness first aid
Emergency response training for staff at Union Glacier Camp
Crevasse rescue training for ANI staff
Crevasse extraction by ANI rescue guides
Rescue of injured climber
ANI Doctor provides oxygen to a patient
Ski pole 'pogies' help prevent cold injury
High altitude climbing boots help prevent cold injury
Full face masks help prevent cold injury