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In the Spotlight - Tom Hart

Penguinologist Tom Hart loves penguins and is working hard to develop conservation strategies for them. So when he got the opportunity to visit an emperor penguin colony with ANI last year he jumped at the chance. We caught up with Tom recently to ask him about that experience and about his ongoing research.

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Subglacial Lake Ellsworth Review

A review of the Subglacial Lake Ellsworth project was recently published in The Annals of Glaciology.

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Discover Antarctic Explorers

Did you know? Each of our Guest tents is named after a polar explorer. Some are well-known, others less so. Over the next few months we'll feature some of them here, including their contributions to Antarctic science and exploration.

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In the Spotlight - Simon Abrahams

IFMGA guide, Simon Abrahams, first traveled to Antarctica more than 20 years ago and is as at home on the peaks of Chamonix, as he is bagging first ascents in Antartica's Ellsworth Mountains.

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Four Ways to Savor the South Pole

Polar travel may conjure images of deprivation and hardship, but there are now a variety of ways to savor the South Pole, making it a life-list destination for travelers of all ages and abilities. Find out more about each of these options...

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Midwinter in Antarctica

With the approach of the solstice, stations around Antarctica are gearing up for Midwinter celebrations.

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Keeping Cool in Antarctica

Believe it or not, keeping things cool - or even frozen - in Antarctica can be a real challenge due to fluctuating temperatures and the realities of living on a moving glacier, in the most remote corner of the globe.

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Charles Swithinbank

It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of eminent glaciologist, Dr Charles Swithinbank, without whose work and pioneering spirit, Adventure Network International might never have existed.

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The Right Stuff - Do you have what it takes?

Shackleton received over 5,000 applications to join his Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition in 1914. From these he selected just 27 men. What does it take to be a polar explorer and would you have made the grade?

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