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Map Resources

Downloads and links to excellent map resources on the web

ANI Topographic Maps

ANI has commissioned a series of topographic maps of the Ellsworth Mountains. The new maps are based on the latest datasets and satellite imagery and provide much greater detail than existing maps of the region. Read more about ANI Topographic Maps

The six maps in the 1:100 000 Ellsworth Mountain series cover the area from Mount Vinson in the north to Patriot Hills in the south. A seventh map, 4a Union Glacier at 1:35 000 offers a more detailed view of ANI's camp area and surroundings:

A 1:1,500,000 Ellsworth Mountains-South Pole overview map covers the area from the Sentinel Range to the South Pole, between 0 and 90W longitude. This includes ski south pole expedition routes starting at Hercules Inlet, Berkner Island and the 'Messner Start'.

Other Map Resources

Other map resources are available on the web, including interactive satellite images, downloadable topographic maps and more.

Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica

The Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica (LIMA) is the most geometrically accurate mosaic of Antarctica and has the highest spatial resolution. You can view online or download the satellite image (192 mb download) at http://lima.usgs.gov/access.php

Various other maps are available for download from the LIMA website http://lima.usgs.gov/download.php

USGS Interactive Antarctic Atlas

The USGS interactive Antarctic Atlas lets you create your own satellite views of Antarctica. Zoom in on your area of interest and add overlays such as lat/long, station names, or geographic features.

USGS Topographic Reconaissance Maps

Download USGS 1:250 000 topographic reconaissance maps (e.g. Vinson Massif, Union Glacier, Liberty Hills, Mount Sidley, Mount Goodale, Liv Glacier, Mount Wistig) from http://usarc.usgs.gov/drg_dload.shtml (approx 20mb TIFF files). Smaller versions of these files are attached below.

Not sure which map you need? Use the Antarctic Resarch Atlas to find out. Launch the viewer. Zoom into your area of interest. Overlay USGS Topo Reconaissance labels on your sat image. Check the name of the map for that area. Then download the topo map from the usarc website.