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Can I ski Mount Vinson?

Making a ski descent of Mount Vinson is a significant challenge, only suited to experienced ski mountaineers. Both the route and skier need to be in condition. Route hazards include steep slopes to 50 degrees; hard windblown snow; rocky sections; and risk of avalanche. Skiers need to be able to ski the route without falling, as a sliding fall could easily become uncontrollable, with extremely serious consequences. Required skills include:

  • Ski with a 18kg/40lb pack
  • Ski 50 degree slopes
  • Ski a variety of snow conditions – hardpack, powder, breakable crust, sastrugi etc
  • Employ a variety of steep skiing techniques such as sideslipping, falling leaf turns, jump turns etc
  • Climb and crampon in ski boots
  • Make quick transitions between skis and crampons while anchored on steep ground

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