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Information and resources about Antarctica and Antarctic travel

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About Antarctic Travel

To visit Antarctica is to travel beyond everyday experience and to achieve the extraordinary.

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The Antarctic Environment

The Antarctic continent is a land mass covered with ice up to 13,000ft (4km) thick.

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Blue-ice Airfields

ANI uses blue-ice fields to land wheeled aircraft in Antarctica. These snow-free areas are a cornerstone of our operations. But what are blue-ice fields? How are they formed?

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The Antarctic Treaty

The Antarctic Treaty is one of the world’s most successful international agreements.

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Useful Links

Here are some interesting and useful Antarctic websites for further reading.

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Map Resources

Many map resources are available from ANI or on the web, including interactive satellite images, downloadable topographic maps and more.

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Beacons in Antarctica

Accurate information on the location and status of people and resources under our care is key to ANI’s safety management process.

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Travel Insurance

Due to the high cost of evacuation from Antarctica, all guests are required to provide cover for medical evacuation. These pages offer some options.

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Discover Polar Explorers

Did you know? Each of our guest tents is named after a polar explorer. Some are well-known, others less so. We've featured some of them here, including their contributions to Antarctic science and exploration.

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Polar Trivia

Interesting facts and trivia about the Seventh Continent

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