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About Antarctic Travel

A place of dreams and exploration where you journey beyond everyday experience

To visit Antarctica is to travel beyond everyday experience and to achieve the extraordinary. Explore a land of stark beauty and unlimited horizons, a world of snow and sky and air so clear you feel you can touch the mountains. There is simply nowhere like it on earth.

Beyond Antarctica's Coastline

ANI takes you deep into the interior of Antarctica, way beyond where cruise ships ply and most Antarctic visitors go. You fly 1,870 miles (3010km) from Punta Arenas, Chile, to land on a runway deep in Antarctica's heartland – further than London to St. Petersburg or Los Angeles to Chicago.

Enjoy magnificent surroundings at a relaxed pace on one of our fly-in adventures. Or choose the extreme adventure and physical challenge of a ski or climbing expedition. Whatever your goal, our experienced guides and staff bring the incredible within reach and support you every step of the way. More on our Experiences

You don’t have to be an athlete

Our trips are very do-able for anyone with average fitness and good health. You don’t have to be super fit or have camping experience to enjoy our fly-in adventures. Our guides help you settle in and ensure your comfort on the ice.

If you want something more strenuous, join one of our ski and climbing expeditions. These require minimum levels of fitness and experience with guidelines provided for each trip. Custom Expeditions are available for individuals or groups with specific goals or special needs. Minimum age for travel on all Experiences is 16 years.

Keeping Safe and Well

Travel to remote and undeveloped regions poses inherent risks and Antarctica is no exception. Keeping safe and well in Antarctica is very important to us. Our established infrastructure and organized approach, developed through years of experience, ensures that risks are minimized. More about Safety and medical support

Find more information about travel to Antarctica on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Protecting Antarctica

Antarctica is protected under the Antarctic Treaty, as a natural reserve dedicated to peace and science. ANI’s mission is to set the highest possible environmental standards. We believe in responsible and sustainable tourism where our guests leave Antarctica with a greater appreciation of its remarkable natural values. More about ANI's commitment to environmental leadership and sustainability | More about Visitor Guidelines | More about the Antarctic Treaty.

Photos from Flickr:
Miles from everywhere
Hike to the Elephant Head
Alone in Antarctica
Reflection in the Ceremonial Pole
Pebble on blue ice
Penguin tracks
Dressed for the Weather
Union Glacier View
Dad and son ice climbing
Staff tents at Union Glacier Camp
Ski ascent of Mt Rossman
On top of Antarctica!
Mount Shinn
The Ceremonial Pole
Table set for Celebration Dinner
Colin Bodill and Jennifer Murray at the South Pole
Simon and Jennifer Murray at the South Pole
Spotting climbers on Vinson summit
Punta Arenas Cathedral
On the Branscomb Glacier
Scott Woolums at the South Pole
Ilyushin landing at Union Glacier
Ski South Pole field camp
Twin Otter and icebergs
Diving for dinner
Basler aircraft on the Nimitz Glacier
Offloading NSF C-130 aircraft
Christian Eide - Solo Unsupported record holder
Frosty Chris Nance on the Last Degree
Ilyushin taxiing in Antarctica
You wouldn't want to be a Polar Explorer
Shackletons Compass
Nunataks peeking out of the ice sheet
Long way home
Hiking on the hills
Photographing the storm
Ellsworth Peaks
Dr Deirdre Galbraith
Sun and clouds
Clare Apps in the cooler
Pristine Antarctica - The Pirrit Hills
A close encounter
Hitching a ride
Ellsworth Ramp
Staff at Vinson Base Camp
Runner's briefing